Balneum Cream Review (skin state: very inflamed)

One of the worst experiences I have ever had with an eczema cream - though I now believe this to be more due to the state I had got my skin into than just the Balneum itself.

After my fiasco with the aqueous cream and the Dermol cream, I really did not know what to try. I had a drawer full of different eczema creams and ointments I had used in the past, one of which was Balneum cream. This was recommended to me by a friend of my Mum's who used it with great success on her little boy, so I though it would be a safe bet.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire
The night that I washed off all the Dermol cream in a cold shower, I slathered on the Balneum cream instead; face, body, the works. I was so desperate for some sort of miracle cure! It went on really nicely and I went to bed hopeful that I would wake up with my skin looking much better.

The next morning I touched my skin to the rough patches on my face and they felt much smoother. Eureka! I thought. Inspection in the mirror, however, brought on a very different reaction. I won't swear here but let's just say I wasn't happy! My heart sank. All the patches were bright red and my eyelids (which had been feeling oddly heavy and hard to open) were really swollen up. I looked like a monster!

I took a cold shower using zero products and looked no better. I was seriously considering not going into work but I soldiered on in and dealt with all of the 'what's the matter with your face?' type remarks. Kind of.

A word in defence of the Balneum cream.
I don't actually think that this product is as bad as the above makes out. Basically I think that my skin had got into such a state that absolutely anything I put on it would have caused a massive reaction. In my desperation I had even put a little of the Balneum cream on the red rough patches on my eyelids. From now on I am going to be SUPER CAREFUL about anything that goes on my eyes.

I have used Balneum when my skin wasn't so bad and been fine, and it did actually make my skin feel very soft to the touch. My plan is to return to the Balneum cream once my skin has stabilised, and just try it on a small patch to start with. I have had great results with the Balneum bath oil, so am willing to give the Balneum cream another shot.

What I should have done after the Dermol cream experience (which is what I ended up doing after the Balneum) was just give my poor skin a break from any kind of cream.
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  1. Senorita - another quick comment regarding eyes. I kept having some eye-eczema issues after all others had cleared up. I went to an ophthalmologist who was an eyelid specialist. He gave me a very gentle steroid ointment that is suited for the eyes. My eyelids cleared up relatively quickly. Now comes the hard part - weaning off of it.

  2. Steroids do work well, but the worry is whether your skin will return to its prior state when you stop using them. I have been told by doctors that it is ok to sparingly use a mild hydrocortizone cream around the eyes if you are having real problems. Pharmacists may tell you otherwise though! Once you stop on the steroids star using a good moisturiser (whichever works for you) to maintain your skin health and help prevent the eczema from coming back.



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