Giving up on dry skin cream altogether

Sometimes the ones you love know best...

After the Balneum incident, I really didn't know where to turn or what dry skin cream to try next. I was so scared that the next cream would have the same reaction (or even worse). The inflamed red patches on my face were really getting me down! :(

Wise words
Luckily my lovely boyfriend was on hand with some words of advice. 'Why don't you just leave it?' he suggested. Just leave it? Put nothing on it? Are you mad?! I thought. He pointed out that my skin was in such a state that it would probably react to just about anything right now, and just to let it calm down on its own for a bit. He actually forbade me from putting anything on it at all. Aside from his forbiddings I really didn't see that I had any choice.

Stopping moisturising
It seemed so counter intuitive to me, the person who's been used to getting out of the shower, drying off and then slathering some form of dry skin moisturiser all over my body, for all her adult life. But I did it. I had showers as cold as I could stand it, dried off, and then put nothing on my skin (apart from clothes!). My skin felt so rough in places. It was screaming out for some sort of moisture and was even a little sore but I resisted putting anything on. Although my skin stayed feeling horribly rough to the touch in the worst patches, the redness went down and it started to look much better pretty quickly.

As my boyfriend said to me last night, the body is a very amazing thing and can do a lot more than you give it credit for all by itself, no intervention needed.

Why didn't I think of this?

The verdict
After all my trials and tribulations I have realised that if your eczema is flaring really badly then you just need to let it calm down for a little while all by itself. Use steroid creams sparingly if you need to help it to calm but don't slather on different moisturiser after moisturiser in the hope of finding something that will work. When your skin is all worked up it won't react to anything very well. Just give it a little time. If it's just too itchy, try taking anti-histamine tablets to helps top you scratching. And you may want to wear breathable natural fabrics too if you prefer to keep covered up.

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