Superdrug Food Intolerance Test - how it went

So I went in for my lunchtime appointment for my food intolerance test at Superdrug, to try and get to the bottom of the cause of my eczema flare-ups. I am not squeamish, so the prospect of giving a small blood sample didn't faze me at all. However when I've given blood in the past it does usually take a while for them to get it out of me - same problem here!

The nurse did a little finger prick and then used this tiny tube with a small scoop at the end to gather the beads of blood. She had to fill the tube up to a certain point but my blood was not forthcoming! She got a bit out of me (with much squeezing of my finger) and then she gave up on the finger and tried another one! Again it took much coaxing to get any out and in the end the nurse said that that would have to be enough because she felt mean!

I was so distracted by the whole thing that I then wandered out of the shop without paying. I remembered not long after though and ran back - there was no way I was going to have that blood squeezed out of me only to not get the results!

The results will be emailed to me in a few days time. So we'll see...

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  1. You could be right in that because your body is fighting against the dairy, it's not in balance so it's reacting to the other foods as well. I tried cutting out dairy and wheat for about 2 months...which was so hard! They are everywhere! In the yummy things anyway :P but that didn't seem to make much of a difference so I started eating them again.

    How's your dairy free diet going? Do you have bad eczema?

  2. Thanks for your comment! I haven't really gone full dairy free - just switched what I put on my cereal in the morning, switched cow's yoghurt for goat's and cut down on builders tea. Recently I've gone back to the normal milk though as I didn't really notice a difference - although maybe I should have been more strict (couldn't give up the chocolate!) Plus normal milk is cheaper. Times are tight!

    My eczema is quite bad - it's on most areas of my body now to some extent but seem to have more of a handle on it right now.

    How's yours?



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