Superdrug food intolerance test - my results

One week after I gave the blood sample for my Superdrug food intolerance test I got my results via email.

As I mentioned previously I was tested for 5 different food groups. So here are my results (bear in mind that a score of 25 or higher indicates a food intolerance.)

Cow's milk: 131.9
Wheat: 39.1
White fish mixture (Cod + Haddock + Plaice) 6.5
Nut Mixture: (Almond + Cashew + Peanut + Hazelnut) 60.1
Soya Proteins 38.7

As you can imagine I was pretty gobsmacked by this. I can't quite believe that I have intolerance to pretty much EVERYTHING. I mean, I expected the dairy and maybe the wheat to a minor extent but nothing else really. I eat this stuff every day! I am sure this cannot be right.

The accompanying advice suggested that I cut out the highest scoring result first, then after 2 weeks cut out the next highest one, until they are all cut out. It also advised that it may take 2-3 months for the antibodies in my blood to settle down so to be patient and keep at it.

Yowsers. Cutting out nuts should be relatively easy but living without wheat, dairy AND soya rules out pretty much everything! I mean. I'd been switching my cow's milk and yoghurt for soy equivalents but I can't even have that now! And I'd been munching on almonds during the day for the vitamin E to supposedly help my skin. Oh the irony.

My boss's partner has some food sensitivities and apparently she says that one main intolerance can cause your body to act as if it's intolerant to other substances too. If this is the case then it's glaringly obvious what the culprit is - the dairy. So I'm going to concentrate on cutting this out and not sweat the other things too much and see how I get on. I can't quite believe these test results are right, but for the dairy one to be SO high does suggest to me that there is something going on there. And dairy is notoriously bad for eczema.

I went to the doctor about my eczema not long after this. Read what she told me about this test.

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  1. You could be right in that because your body is fighting against the dairy, it's not in balance so it's reacting to the other foods as well. I tried cutting out dairy and wheat for about 2 months...which was so hard! They are everywhere! In the yummy things anyway :P but that didn't seem to make much of a difference so I started eating them again.

    How's your dairy free diet going? Do you have bad eczema?



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