Superdrug food intolerance test

I always go out wandering on my lunchbreaks (does me good to get away from my desk) and I'd noticed that Superdrug offers allergy testing. I asked about it at the pharmacy counter. The allergy testing one, where they test you for 10 common allergens such as dust etc is £45. I asked about finding out if you are allergic to wheat or dairy and they said they also do a food intolerance test. The basic one is only £20 so I signed up for it! It only takes half an hour (so I'm going in my lunch break). They take a quick blood sample then send it off for testing against the 5 most common foods that people have an intolerance too. They are: wheat, cow's milk, fish, soya and nuts.

They do more expensive ones where they test you for all sorts of different vegetables and meat but I though this was a good place to start especially as it's only £20. I have been mostly cutting dairy out of my diet - but have switched to soy milk instead. I am mostly suspecting wheat at the moment. Today my skin got worse through the day, and I had bran flakes for breakfast (wheat) and pasta for lunch (also wheat!)

I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand I really want to get the bottom of my flare ups so would love to find the cause and eliminate it. On the other hand I'm not relishing the prospect of having to live without wheat or dairy.

If the test results don't show any major food intolerances I might fork out for the allergen one. I'll let you know how I get on!

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