What to drink if you have very dry skin/ eczema

The key here is to keep your body hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water. If you're stuck at a desk all day the easiest way to get through more water is to keep a big bottle on your desk and keep topping your glass up all day. If you have to keep getting up and filling those little thimble sized plastic cups you'll hardly get through any. Room temperature water is also easier to drink than very cold water, although it may not sound as appetising.

Caffeine is also a no-no as it de-hydrates you so try and cut it out or at least cut down. Herbal tea, if you like it, is a great alternative to normal tea and coffee. I'm not a big fan of the fruity ones but nettle tea is quite nice and it also has a cleansing effect, which I think must also be good for your skin.

Alcohol also has a de-hydrating effect (hence why you always look so rough when you're hungover and you're always really thirsty!) I read somewhere that clear spirits are the least bad for you so something like vodka and fresh orange (not coke as it has lots of caffeine in it) might be the best option. If you like beer, Becks apparently has the least additives in it.

Having said all of this, I have a big night out ahead tonight, so we'll see what the after-effects are on my skin!
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  1. I was just looking for this! However, my skin seems to become even drier after i drink tea (and going to the toilet).. Weird..

  2. Alcohol makes mine really bad - when I used to go out all the time I was in to drinking vodka and orange. The orange seriously would flare my eczema up the next day.

  3. Ordinary tea is a diuretic (i.e. makes you need to pee lots) so I guess that will de-hydrate you more. And alcohol of any description definitely de-hydrates you - are you sure it was the orange and not the alcohol that made your eczema flare Vicky?

    Thanks for your comments guys! x



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