What to eat if you have very dry skin

The point of all these creams and ointments is obviously to try and get moisture, or natural oils back into your poor, dry skin. So surely it will help to eat foods that will also help to do this. So I took a holistic approach and tried to incorporate more oil-rich food into my diet.

I already eat quite a lot of salad, but now I douse it all in extra virgin olive oil, which is actually delicious! I also already eat quite a lot of fish so have tried to keep that up, particularly oily fish like mackerel. Yum. I've also been taking a cold liver oil supplement.

At work I've been bringing in nuts to snack on (almonds and brazil nuts). Like fish, nuts are rich in vitamin E, which is very good for your skin. Seeds are also good to snack on, such as pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

The main new introduction to my diet has been avocado. They are quite cheap if you buy those ripen at home packs. (You can get 4 mini avocados for about £1 something in Tesco at the moment.) I read on a skin forum somewhere that you should try and eat one avocado a day to help your skin. This seems a bit excessive to me but I'm hoping the odd one will be beneficial! They're nice mashed on toast with salt and pepper, or with chili sauce on. (Mind you I think everything tastes better with chili sauce on. Oh God what if I am allergic to chili?!)

I have also tried to cut down on dairy, and to a lesser extent, wheat. I've been having soy milk on my cereal, or oat porridge just made with water, soy yoghurt and rye bread.

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