Going to the doctors about my eczema

So FINALLY I got myself to the doctors about my terrible eczema flare up. She was very nice and took a good look at my skin all over: red patches on my legs and arms, sore red hands, horrible dry skin all over really including my chest and back.

She said the reason it had got so bad was because the eczema was infected. She couldn't say what the cause of it was as an eczema flare up could be triggered by so many different things. I suggested the change in water since moving house, and she said it was a possibility, since I hadn't changed my diet.

She totally dismissed my Superdrug food intolerance test results. Basically the test checks the level of antibodies in your blood, but she said that that when your skin is all flared up your antibodies will be all over the place. She said if I did it when my skin had calmed down I'd get a totally different result. She also dismissed my suggestion that it might be caused by Candida or something like that.

She seemed horrified that I'd been using Betnovate ointment as it was so strong and was shocked my doctor had prescribed it.

She prescribed me three types of ointment: Trimovate cream to be used only on my hands where it is worst and the skin is toughest, Daktacort ointment to be used anywhere else the eczema patches were, and Diprobase ointment just as a general emollient for all over. I got 3 tubes each of the Trimovate and Daktacort plus 10 tubes of Diprobase ointment! The first two I think have something to treat the infection as as a steroid/ hydrocortisone.

I was instructed to apply each of them in the relevant areas twice a day, very gently, and to only wash my clothes in non-biological washing liquid and then wash them without any detergent afterwards.

Read about how I got on with what she prescribed me

NB This advice was specifically for my skin complaint so may not be appropriate treatment for others.
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