Keeping up the skin routine

My skin has improved loads since starting with the various creams from the doctor. She did say I would have to slowly wean myself off them though. You shouldn't use steroids for a prolonged period as they can cause skin thinning. So I've started to use them a little less (ok that's also because I can't always be bothered! You know when you're tired and you just want to fall into bed?)

My skin has never returned to the state it was in when it was at its worst. However, all of the patches on my hands, arms and legs are still there. They're still more inflamed after a shower. And even when they're not red, I can still see them, waiting to flare up at any moment.

My legs have seen the least improvement. At one point I started using the stronger cream (Trimovate) on them a little to try and get them down. They did improve but then got bad again. The itching on my legs really plagues me at night and sometimes I just can't help but scratch!

It's so annoying. I'm relieved to have stronger creams that can calm it down when it gets very itchy, and I'm very pleased not to have any red patches on my face any more (that was always the worst thing). But I'm coming round to the realisation that there is no cure for eczema (even though I already knew this.)

I guess the creams are a way of keeping it under control. But will I ever be able to get rid of it for good?

Here's what happened when I went to see a skin specialist doctor
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