Arbonne Baby Care body lotion review

So as well as the Arbonne Baby Care body wash and shampoo I tried the ABC moisturiser. Again it's aimed at babies and babies with eczema/ skin problems. It came in a large round bottle/tube and cost around £10.

I really liked the smell of this moisturiser. It was quite gentle and smelled a bit like cinnamon. Yummy! It went on really easily; a cream that's neither too thick nor too runny so it's great for applying all over your body - which is what I needed to do as my skin is dry all over!

My skin reacted to it pretty well, in that it didn't get more inflamed or itchy as a result. It had a very mild sting on the most irritated patches of skin but nothing like what I've had with some other skin creams. I liked it so much at first that I was singing its praises and even considering becoming an Arbonne agent!

Over time my skin seemed to like it less but I've never had a really bad reaction from it. Overall I'd say that Arbonne Baby Care products are very good but they are not a miracle cure. Using them hasn't shifted or cleared up my eczema (or adult cradle cap) at all but I have been able to moisturise with them without disastrous results (reducing the flaky factor). Plus the shampoo/ body wash did make my hair really nice. (I did notice though that the shampoo seemed to strip a little of the colour out of my dyed dark brown hair. This could be because it has lemon oil in it? I know that when you put lemon juice in your hair then go in the sun it helps to make it go blonder so maybe this is why.)

They are expensive products though, so there are possibly cheaper alternatives out there given that Arbonne Baby Care products were good but not that great for my skin.

It's difficult to find objective Arbonne Baby Care reviews on the internet. As it's sold by agents there are so many sites and forums singing ABC's praises but it all seems to be written by Arbonne agents. So here's an outsider's perspective!
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  1. Try using the Arbonne ABC body lotion with the Arbonne FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil. I and my son both get eczema and are very sensitive. i achieve a lot better results when I put the skin conditioning oil on the dry, or cracked or inflamed spots first then apply the ABC body lotion all over. My son had a bad rash from a tomato allergy and it diminished remarkably after the first use of the combination of skin conditioning oil and ABC body lotion as opposed to the combination of ABC body oil and body lotion

  2. Thanks LilMama! I haven't tried the skin conditioning oil - sounds good. Great you've found something that works for you and your son x



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