Medimix soap as shampoo for cradle cap

One of the reasons I wanted to try the MediMix soap was because you can also use it as shampoo and I badly need something to try and shift this horrible cradle cap stuff. At £1.50 a bar for shampoo and bodywash it's a bit of a bargain really.

The soap lathers up really well and was actually quite pleasant to use as a shampoo. Because it's a bar you can really rub it against your scalp to try and shift the build-up. It left my hair really nice too and very clean smelling. Whilst it's wet it makes m hair seem quite tangly but as soon as it's dried it's easy to brush through.

I used the soap as a shampoo for a couple of weeks and it's one of the better products I have used but the day after I have washed my hair the scalp build-up returns. It's like glue or something only in small patches on my scalp. It's so tempting to pick it off but a) that's gross and b) it's bad for you.

The thing with the cradle cap is, if you don't touch it, you don't really have dandruff or anything. It's only when you start scratching it and messing with it that you get the snowflakes (nice). To stop myself from fiddling with it I've found it helps to tie my hair up in a plait. This means I can't get to my scalp without messing my hair up so I generally leave well enough alone.

This is so frustrating. Grr!
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