Atopic eczema and diet

I've posted in the past about what you should eat if you have very dry skin. There are lots of foods known to be good for skin, so if you suffer from eczema then, in my opinion, these foods can only help (unless you have an intolerance to any of them).

I at first thought that my big eczema flare up was due to some form of food intolerance - hence why I went for the Superdrug food intolerance test. The first doctor I saw dismissed these results though.

Despite this, I was all set in the new year to start a healthy skin diet, and cut out wheat and dairy just to see if it made a difference. But when I saw the skin specialist doctor she strongly recommended not to do this. She looked at my eczema and said that it was typical of atopic eczema, which was very unlikely to affected by diet. She said that it was a really bad idea to start cutting whole food groups out of my diet.

So I didn't. I just kept on eating what I always did, and the Betnovate ointment took my eczema right down in matter of days.
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  1. I know this is an older post, but I would eliminate gluten & dairy anyway. My daughter gets severe exzema in the crooks of her arms just like you describe whenever she has too much gluten. I know multiple other people who had exzema due to gluten or dairy intolerances. It really doesn't hurt anything to eat just meat, veggies, & fruit for a couple months. If you have any digestive issues whatsoever, then all the more reason to try it.

  2. I think you could be right - I just find it annoying how what the doctors say doesn't marry up with all the anecdotal evidence out there.

    Plus the thought of no bread or chocolate is pretty tough... :(



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