Going back to the doctors - seeing a skin specialist

The first time I got myself to the doctor's (after suffering for some time after my big eczema flare up) I was prescribed Trimovate and Daktacort. Nobody would prescribe me Betnovate ointment (which is what I always used to use) or even Betnovate cream (a milder version) as everybody said it was too strong.

One of the factors that led to my eczema getting so bad was that I ran out of Betnovate and no nurses at the drop-in would or could prescribe me it again. I hadn't realised that it was such a strong steroid and not suitable for long term use. So I basically went cold turkey, thinking that if I stopped using it then when I did go back to using steroid creams again I would only need to use a milder form.

But my eczema only got worse and worse. I thought that if I could keep my skin well moisturised I could keep on top of it, but as this blog documents, nearly all the creams I tried made it worse.

Using the Trimovate and the Daktacort calmed my eczema right down but it was still there, in patches on my legs, arms, back, hands, chest, neck. Not always red and inflamed but always lurking, ready to get itchy at any moment for seemingly no reason.

When I saw the first doctor, she recommended I have a follow-up appointment with another doctor at the practice who had a special interest in skin complaints. It took me a while to get in to see her, but when I did, she was great.

She took a good look at my skin and prescribed me Betnovate ointment for everywhere but my face, and a milder version of the ointment, called Betnovate RD, plus more of the Daktacort oinment. She told me to use the strongest Betnovate ointment for two weeks, then switch down to the milder Betnovate RD ointment, then onto the Daktacort to wean me off the steroid creams in stages. She said that yes Betnovate is strong, but it was needed for cases like mine. She also wanted to prescribe me and everyday emollient to use (Doublebase) but I told her I had tried this and was happy sticking with my Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Lotion.

I also told her about the problem with my itchy scalp/ seborrhoeic dermatitis or whatever it is. I told her that I was using Jason anti dandruff shampoo, and that it was helping a lot, but not getting rid of it altogether and wondered if she could recommend or prescribe anything. She gave me Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo, which contains coconut oil amongst other active ingredients.

I asked the doctor about the possibility of getting a proper allergy test, as I think that my housemate looking after cats now and again at our place could have been a factor in my flare-up, as I've never lived with a cat before. Also when I move in with my boyfriend later this year he wants to get a cat, so I need to know for sure! The doctor is going to get in touch with the hospital to book me in. Result!

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