Capasal Shampoo Review

Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo is prescribed for itchy scalp/ adult cap/ seborrhoeic dermatitis but I did not have a great experience with it.

When I saw the skin specialist doctor, as well as steroid creams for my eczema I asked for something for my scalp. She I asked me whether I had tried Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo and I said yes but I hadn't liked it very much and she didn't seem surprised. Instead she prescribed me Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo (although it's also available over the counter.)

What's in it?
Capasal Therpeutic Shampoo contains salicylic acid, coconut oil and distilled coal tar. According to the label it is for 'dry, scaly scalp conditions and to remove previous scalp conditions'. It also contains triethanolamine lauryl sulphate.

What's it like?
The Capsal felt like and lathered like ordinary shampoo, and smelled like coal tar, but not unpleasantly. It gave lots of bubbles but left my hair a bit too much on the squeaky side and quite dry. It costs £6.50 - £7 for a 250ml bottle.

Did it work?
At the time I went to the doctors I had just started using the Jason anti dandruff shampoo and when I first switched to Capasal I didn't like it so went back to the Jason dandruff shampoo. But now I'm coming to end of my bottle of Jason shampoo and am back to the Capasal. Whereas the Jason shampoo has left my scalp absolutely fine, within one day of using the Capsal the funny scalp build up had come back.

Now I know you are supposed to use the Capasal for a longer period of time before you start to see results, but the fact that I went from a pretty healthy scalp to a scaly scalp as a direct result of using the Capasal has put me off it somewhat.

My concerns with it
Since starting this eczema blog I've become more and more aware of different ingredients and have researched what people say about them. I know that many people say that coal tar can be a harmful ingredient, possibly carcinogenic. I'm not saying these products aren't safe to use, but it just makes me wary. If you already have extremely sensitive skin why would you want to use an ingredient like this? After all, shampoo doesn't just go on your scalp - when you wash it all off it goes down your back and face. Also all the bubbles in there are caused I think by the triethanolamine lauryl sulphate, a chemical detergent and I am wary about this as well.

Back to the Jason shampoo
I've come to really like the Jason shampoo, and love the fact that it has all natural ingredients and is SLS free. I'm going to order some more online asap!
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  1. i have used capasal i first started using it when got really itchy hair after months of constand itching i was starting to make my head sore. my nephew was perscribed capasal for crade cap and my mum to had been having ichy hair but the doctor perscribed her this tar thing i tried to use that but made my hair more itchy.i relized capasal had tar in my hardly not as much. capasal i have found been great for my hair and head i went from using it everyday to now and then so as make a big difference help me so much.would recomend it to anyone

  2. I've not had a great time with this either, I find it smells like Turps(for removing paint), it also inflames my head even more and seems to strip absolutely every bit of moisture out of my head(which is the idea I think, to clean the slate). Anyway, a few months after using this I find my head is in no better shape and it only seems to aggravate my dry skin even more and make my hair feel like straw. This was recommended by a Pharmacist who inspected my head. No good results from using this. This was used along side a Olive Oil shampoo from Boots, which might I had is also not to great. So far I've tried PolyTar, CoalTar, Capasal, Simple, Johnsons Baby Shampoo, This Olive Oil brand plus a few others over the past year, to no avail! I think I'm going to try the Jason brand you blogged about.

  3. I was prescribed this for dermatitis I use this alternate days unless my dermatitis flares up other thing I do once a week is bone comb once a week ..... Not to get rid of headlice but excess skin from my head



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