IGG blood test/ allergy test at the doctors

After seeing a skin specialist doctor and requesting an allergy test as I suspected cats could be the cause, I was told I would be booked in at the hospital for a scratch test. The letter came back from the hospital saying that I was to have an IGG test/ blood test instead and that this could be done at the doctors.

This left me very confused - it was an IGG blood test that I had done at Superdrug (for food intolerance) and the doctor dismissed these results as a load of mumbo jumbo!

Anyway, I duly went to my appointment at the doctors and they took three small test tubes of blood out of my arm. I was in and out in 10 minutes. (At Superdrug they took a tiny amount of blood out of the tip of my finger via a pin-prick, and it really was like getting blood out of a stone.)

I was tested against cat dander, dog dander, house-dust mites, tree pollen and mould. (Dander is skin particles from an animal - like dandruff. Apparently it's this that people are allergic to, not the actual fur/hair.)
When my results came back it said that I had a slightly raised reaction to house-dust mites but no reaction to anything else. The wording underneath this read:

"It therefore makes it less likely that your symptoms are related to any cat allergy."

Great. Could they possibly be any vaguer?

I'm guessing the thinking was that if I'd had a more serious reaction to any of them then they might have put me in for the scratch test? Who knows.

If the IGG test can't give me a conclusive answer one way or the other then I'm left thinking the whole thing was a complete waste of time.

If I'm to believe these results from the doctors then how come I'm not to believe the ones from Superdrug, when the blood samples were probably both sent off to a similar lab for analysis?

Is it that the food intolerance one is less reliable? Questions questions.

When do I get the answers? :s

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