Pai Skincare Review - Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream

A luxury sensitive skincare brand that's chemical and allergen free. A fabulous product for sensitive skin!

Who are Pai?
I was lucky to be recently sent a bottle of Pai Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream by the lovely people at Pai Skincare.

Before they got in touch I hadn't really heard of Pai other than seeing them on Twitter. Their range of skincare is 100% organic and allergen free - absolutely no nasties! No perfume, alcohol, or anything else that could possibly irritate sensitive skin. They were started by a woman who suffered from skin problems herself who was surprised by the amount of allergy-triggering chemicals there are in most beauty and skincare products so decided to create something as skin-friendly as possible.

What was the cream like?
The peachy-coloured cream is thicker than the lotion I usually use, and has a subtle yet lovely smell - sort of slightly sweet and herbal. I used the cream all over, including face and hands, and on mild patches of eczema - and I experienced no irritation whatsoever! It is a very nourishing cream without being greasy, and left my skin with a nice velvety feel rather than silky and slippery, if that makes any sense. I definitely noticed that the moisturising effects lasted longer than with my usual lotion, and that even areas like my dry knobbly elbows were left feeling nice and soft. It's very soothing, and though the people from Pai said that it is by no means an eczema cure (what is?) it did seem to have a calming effect.

Why is it different?
The Pai comfrey & calendula cream came beautifully packaged in a 200ml pump in a pretty box. Their branding is very attractive and appealing to me - you can tell it's a sensitive skincare range but it doesn't look medical and boring! It's wonderful to find a product that not only does the business for your skin, but is actually a pleasurable experience to use and is also a bottle you'd be proud to display on your dressing table.

The verdict
This is more of a luxury skincare product than I would usually buy, at £22 per 200ml rather than about £4 for 400ml for my everyday lotion! However, if you are looking for more or a 'treat' type product, or you just have a higher budget than I do, I would heartily recommend this cream.

I don't mind paying more for something if I know it's really great, but I would say that for a body cream designed for use on your whole body, 200ml of thick cream won't last very long - even if you only apply once a day. People with all over dry skin get through a LOT of cream, so sadly I can't really stretch to using Pai products every day on my budget. Maybe they could look at offering bigger bottles with a bit of a bulk discount on?

I'd love to keep a bottle of the Pai cream on my desk at work to use as hand cream though, and I think it may become a regular on my birthday and Christmas wishlist from now on. It's pretty rare that a sensitive skin cream is nice enough to be given as a gift but this really is! Pai also have a great range of other products and I'd definitely try others out based on how much I liked the comfrey & calendula cream.

Disclaimer - although I was sent this product for free, this review, like all others on my blog, is my honest opinion based on a first hand product trial. 

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