How to make the best foundation for sensitive skin

Struggling to find a good foundation for dry, sensitive skin that doesn't make your flaky bits look even more noticeable?  Why not make your own with a skin-loving coconut oil base! Your skin will thank you for it.

Skin-friendly foundation from all-good ingredients

I was given a batch of Bare Minerals mineral foundation a while back by mum, who didn't get on with it at all. While the idea of a natural mineral foundation appealed to me, applying dry powder make up to dry, flaky eczema-prone skin only highlights the scaly bits more. So I have come up with a way to make your own foundation make up that's perfect for dry sensitive skin like mine. Here's how to do it...

You'll need:
  • Small empty lidded pot
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Loose powder foundation 
  • A teaspoon
  • Cotton bud or similar for stirring

How to make your own foundation make up

Find yourself the perfect pot. I bought a pack of travel bottles from Primark for one or two pounds - but it's the little pots I was after. You could re-use any kind of lidded plastic pot, as long as it's microwave safe. I prefer to use quite a small pot as it's better to make small regular batches so it stays fresh. Also it's more handbag friendly :)

You will also need some kind of loose powder make up, like the below from Bare Minerals. Mineral make up is great because it has no nasties in it - but it's just so dry.

When you've got together what you need, put some of the virgin coconut oil into your pot using a teaspoon:

Then zap it in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds until it goes liquid. Pure coconut oil is a white solid at room temperature but it turns into a completely clear liquid at temperatures not much higher than this. Believe it or not, there is actually oil in the pot in this picture!

With the end of a teaspoon, put a few scoops of your powder make up into your little pot of melted oil. How much you add depends on how heavy/thick you want your foundation to be. I probably added about 3 or 4 little heaps. If you have a few shades of powder at your disposal you can combine them to make your ideal shade.

Mix together with the end of a cotton bud - pull or snip off the cotton bit from the mixing end first or you'll soak up a chunk of your precious mixture and waste it!

You should end up with a nice smooth, creamy consistency. Don't worry if it looks darker than you would like as it spreads quite thinly when you apply it.

You can use it straight away in its liquid state if you like, or pop it in the fridge/ just leave it to set. I'd recommend trying a little bit before it solidifies to see if you have the level of coverage you are aiming for. Then you can easily add a little more mineral powder if you want to make it thicker, or add a touch more melted coconut oil if you want it lighter.
The finished article!

How to apply
To use simply press your finger to it to melt a little, then apply directly to your face. Alternatively you can dig out a small piece and smooth it across the surface of your face, then blend in with your fingertips.

You will find that the foundation will get more intense over time as you deplete more of the oil in it, particularly if it ever remelts, as the make up part will rise to the top leaving a thicker foundation tier and a tier of purer oil underneath. If you find that it ever gets too thick for you, simply melt it again and let it down with a little more oil.

This foundation may not give coverage as total as shop-bought foundations, but if you have eczema prone skin like I do then you probably won't get on well with thick cream or solid foundations anyway as they can make dry skin look worse. The fact that it's an oil means that it glides onto your skin really easily, without the need to rub at it. If you find the finish to be too shiny, simply add a little powder over the top; the beauty of this foundation though is that there is a moisturising layer between your skin and any powder you apply; perfect for dry, sensitive skin.

Coconut oil is so good for eczema and dry skin, so it's the ideal base for a foundation. You could also try making a blusher in the same way using mineral powder blusher.
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