As you can see I have tried anything and everything in my search for an eczema cream that works.

Please don't do what I did and slather on all sorts of different products when your eczema is in a very inflamed state. I was convinced there was some sort of miracle cure out there if I could just find the right thing to put on my skin. However this approach is only going to irritate your skin more, even if the products you are trying are actually quite good in the scheme of things. Let your skin calm a bit first.

Creams & Lotions

I also tried a number of oils on my skin, as I was keen on using natural products - and my skin was so dry I was not concerned that they would be too greasy:

Skincare Oil 

During the period that my eczema was terrible I also developed a horrible itchy, flaky scalp -
seborrhoeic dermatitis so I also had to find a new shampoo. I tried lots!


What you put on your skin int he shower can also affect your eczema, although it's less important than creams or bath products that come into contact with your skin for prolonged periods, it's another opportunity to use something that will help rather than hinder:

Soap/ Shower Gel / Shower Cream

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  1. Double base gel was what really did it for me! Diprobase, aqueous, and then even steroid creams started to not work. But a combination of antibiotic/steroid cream and now just routine double base gel has got rid of my eczema completely




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