Hi I'm Charlotte! I live in Manchester, UK and I have always had dry, sensitive skin. As a kid I had pretty bad eczema, mostly in the crooks of my arms and the backs of my legs, a little bit on my neck sometimes.

As I've grown up I've pretty much kept on top of it and it hasn't really bothered me too much. I just used to not use anything too perfumed or soapy in the bath or shower and always lots of a very plain moisturiser every day after showering. I used to use Betnovate cream or Betnovate ointment if I ever had a flare up on my arms, but generally it didn't bother me too much. Always got worse if I ate really badly or if my skin got too hot and sweaty but it wasn't a permanent state of affairs.

When I turned 28, however, my skin seemed to totally change! It started off with pretty violent red patches of eczema on my left hand, which seemed like a permanent feature for quite some time, despite large volumes of Betnovate.

Then it spread up my arm, until it was on the inside and outside of both arms. I got eczema patches on my face and even on my back, which I had never experienced before. In this time frame I also had moved into a new house with a friend that sometimes looked after cats, and started seeing a guy with massive dreadlocks. (He's now my husband!) I also got a pretty bad eye infection around this time. So there are a few factors that might have triggered the change in my skin. I was also intrigued about the 7 year theory.

Whatever the cause was, I knew using lots of steroid creams is bad for you, so I was determined to find a way to make my skin better. There had to be a safer, more natural product out there that worked! And as so many other people suffer with eczema I thought I would I would write about everything I tried in the hope that I could maybe help some people long the way too.

I hope you find my trials and tribulations useful in your own eczema battle. Please feel free to share your tips and experiences in the comments.

Charlotte x
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